The Guardians of Roydai Edwin C. Mason


Published: November 19th 2013



The Guardians of Roydai  by  Edwin C. Mason

The Guardians of Roydai by Edwin C. Mason
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Above the Isegsae looms the city of Roydai. Here, the twisting streets and sagging buildings hold every sort of depravity the human mind can comprehend. Below, an army encircles the walls, an army bent on destroying everything the city has been for the last thousand years.Auda, a teenage Healer apprenticed to doddering Oswine cant understand why theyve come here. Those surrounding Roydai are like her in many ways. Bearers of the same culture, they think as she does. Auda knows she should be with them, or better, five hundred leagues from any conflict.

Instead, she finds herself trapped among the murderers, bandits, and harlots within. Worse, not all those who defend the walls are human, and she knows stories....Oswine has a purpose, though. He remains in Roydai on a quest to uncover a thousand-year-old secret.This is a 28,000-word short novel, and is complete in this volume.

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