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Lévi-Strauss  by  Edmund Leach

Lévi-Strauss by Edmund Leach
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This study surveys Levi-Strauss work through the late 1960s. It is not for the novice, either because Levi-Strauss work leans heavily toward the technical or because Leach is not much inclined to translate for those not in the field (though Leach comments often enough on the difficulty of understanding what Levi-Strauss puts forward). Levi-Strauss search for universal structures (infused to some degree by Freuds influence) strikes one as artificial, as forced truths of logic imposed from the outside.

Leach has his own concerns in this regard. An alternative account of Levi-Strauss structures based on biological, evolutionary theory might be an interesting exercise. Language, myth and kinship may express universals relating to human hopes and fears and the organic ties of the individual to kin and tribe.

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