The Judge (The Judge (A Short Story) Book 1) Alex Brown



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The Judge (The Judge (A Short Story) Book 1)  by  Alex Brown

The Judge (The Judge (A Short Story) Book 1) by Alex Brown
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In the Den, only the mean survive. In the decrepit outskirts of a once great city, gun slinging gangs run rampant. The desolate landscape is the setting for all types of skirmishes from ambushes to hideout raids.For many years a myth has persisted about a man whom the gangers call “The Judge.” Some might call him a vigilante while others would say he is simply a contract killer with a conscience.

Whatever his motives may be, they all agree that he is a force to be reckoned with. He acts alone and infiltrates gangs whom he has deemed to be acting unfavorably towards the innocent folk.The years have taken their toll on the Judge and retirement is on his mind.

A lucrative opportunity arises which would set him up financially for the rest of his life. What appears to be a relatively straightforward job quickly turns into something much more sinister.Short Story - 4,952 words

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